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For those readers that aren’t aware of Radio Free QuickBooks, I thought I’d write a post about what it is – and to introduce the interwebs to RFQTv.

A new, unique way to learn more about QuickBooks in a fast-paced, 90-minute radio program … that’s Radio Free QuickBooks. Here’s why we chose a live, call-in show, how it all began and how it ended up as a web based “tv” show called RFQTv.

To make a long story short, I met Dawn Brolin and Woody Adams a few years ago during a trip to Intuit in Plano, Texas for one of the “What’s New” launch tour training events. Through an odd series of events – and I believe a special alignment of the planets – we all happened to be on a conference call when Woody brought up the idea and Stephanie Morris at Inuit suggested we use BlogTalkRadio. The whole thing was setup within 2 hours after the call!

The reason we chose a live, call-in show was to fill a gap. The QuickBooks Community Forums are a great resource and obviously so are the support lines and the LinkedIn groups are great, but Radio Free QuickBooks offers a little more instant gratification and some personality from people that use, teach, and support QuickBooks every day. It’s one thing to write (or read, if you’re the one in need of help) an answer; it’s quite another matter to be able to answer it and discuss it with people you respect and with whom you truly enjoy working.

We just had our 2 year anniversary of, and in that short time, we’ve gone from having a handful of listeners to having just about 11,000 listeners every week! And what better way to help celebrate but to have the debut of go up 2 days before that milestone?

Intuit’s Dan Lowell contacted me about filming a “tv” version of RFQ for Intuit Academy at the beginning of 2012, and said that he’d been trying to get something like it going for a number of years, but wasn’t able to, due a variety of factors. Seeing the success of RFQ, and the fact that he was getting a dedicated audio/visual tech on staff, he wanted to set up dates to film 7-8 episodes.

So in October, Dawn and I flew to Intuit and spent 2 days filming. The idea is to create another way for people to learn about Intuit products and services – and hopefully down the road, third party apps as well. We’re ecstatic to share, and hope everyone comes away with something – we’re trying to educate AND entertain. None of really us really take ourselves too seriously!

We have the first two episodes up, and you can view them at Intuit Academy or, and we’ll have more posting each week through the end of 2012. Some topics include the ProAdvisor Program, Intuit Tax Online and Intuit Payroll Solutions.


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By Nicole Luntsford
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

Becoming Quickbooks Certified. Would anyone know how I can become certified and somehow get help doing so financially?? I just became recently unemployed and am a recent Accounting Graduate (B.S. Acctg.) but it has been years since I have used Quickbooks and a lot of employers in Calif. want someone that is an expert. I am trying to find a job, but not having enough experience is hindering me. Would abyone know of a place where I can get trained for free, or some sort of assistance? i tried the State of Calif. but have not had any luck. Your input or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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