Checklist: 117 No-Brainer Ways to Attract New Clients

Jul 11th 2013
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After seeing this, 9 in 10 accountants put at least one of these strategies to work in their practice. Click to download

117 No-Brainer Ways to Attract New Clients (PDF, 28 pages)

by Rick Telberg for

I call these “no-brainers” because, although they require some thought and effort, there’s nothing revolutionary about any of them. In fact, each of these tips is something I’ve personally seen work successfully in real-life.

These are the activities that are making small practices into large ones, and low-earning accountants into high-earning money machines. But you can’t just read this. You need to do something. When I delivered this presentation to almost 1,000 accountants online, 58% said they would take at least one idea and begin working on it immediately. And another 32% said they’d study the material, refine it and put their own idea to work next week.

Maybe the other 10% were more honest: They said they’d probably never get around to doing anything new. But you can’t afford to ignore the 90% of the accountants who heard this presentation and pledged to do something competitive. Some of them may be coming after your clients.

You can’t just stand there. You need to do something. Hopefully, this presentation will help.


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