It’s Time to Pay More Attention to Your Clients

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Today was the first day of the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference, and if there was one theme that kept coming up again and again, it was a focus on the “client.”

From Doug Sleeter’s opening keynote to individual sessions throughout the day, the key message was that accountants need to pay more attention to their clients and realize that, above all else, client service is hugely important. It’s not giving the client typical accounting services; it’s more about digging deeper and being a true advisor and partner.

As I sat in these sessions and looked around the room, I wondered if this message was really sinking in. Although I am certainly distracted from time to time with checking email, it was clear that some of the attendees were more interested in doing their work than really listening to the speakers.

I hope I’m not being over-critical, but I see a direct correlation between the attendees who did not pay attention and the central theme of client service. If they aren’t interested in listening to these messages in a conference environment that is non-confrontational, how can they succeed in helping their clients?

It’s something to think about.



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By Reuben Richard
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

This is true that now a days all the acoounting firms need to take care of their clients as they have always new issues and problems and that are to be taken in care while dealing with them.... Once client is gone then he will not return back if he is not satisfied.

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