Content is (Still) King

Apr 2nd 2013
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I love books. I love to touch paper and I love to run my hands all over the printed page, marveling at the talent a writer has for producing something so impressive.

Almost 2 years ago, I received a Kindle for my birthday. I really didn’t want this contraption that totally took the joy of reading the printed page away from me. However, I didn’t resist because I love technology and I love trying new things. I whole-heartedly tried it – and now it seems I can’t live without my Kindle. At home, while traveling and even at the gym – Don’t take it away from me!

Lots of people think content is dead – because technology like the Kindle has taken over the printed word. I disagree. Sure, daily newspapers are suffering terribly by cutting back production and staffing. Major magazines that used to exist are now extinct. However, just because something important to our professional development and growth is online doesn’t mean it’s gone.

If anything, content is more important now than ever before and online news sites (like the one you’re on) rely on folks just like you to provide content.

Think about an empty chalkboard. That’s what publishing at an online site is like – there’s nothing substantive on the board until something is procured or contributed. Sites need content and they need it badly.

Providing content is a great PR strategy – but of course it should only be one tool in your full tool chest. Lots of great things can happen because of good content. You can use it to position yourself as a subject matter expert. You can use it to speak from and do a presentation. You can give it to your clients and/or employers to show you know your stuff. You can even use content to convert prospects into clients and customers.

Next time you have an idea for an article, send a note to the editor for a print or online publication. If you’re serious about meeting your deadline to produce the article and you provide quality, thought-provoking content, chances are this will help you in your practice or business.


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