Top Ten Resolutions for 2013

Sally Glick
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Every firm has its own personality, culture, philosophy and attitude. This tone starts at the top and trickles down through the partner group to the rest of the staff and then spills over onto clients, business colleagues, and referral sources in the community. It is how you distinguish your own firm from your competitors, it is what gives your clients a choice when selecting your firm to be their service provider and it is what you are most proud of - your unique value proposition.

So what are you going to do in 2013 that helps you tell your story, promote your firm and differentiate your services from all others who are in your market?

Here are some suggestions to help you take advantage of exciting opportunities in the new year:

1. Use new tools to help spread your message in a more viral way - try sharing relevant data by blogging or tweeting to specific target markets.
2. Re-read your website and make sure it is current and relevant. Remember it is always a work in progress. So much changes, so rapidly, that you must be vigilant about introducing new content.
3. Write a budget. This will force you to consider all the marketing initiatives you want to implement and it will put a cost to them so that you can prioritize your actions. Include a date for execution and assignments so you are confident they will be accomplished.
4. Ask questions. Talk to clients, referral sources and other centers of influence about your brand and get their perspectives regarding your reputation.
5. Be open and willing to meet new people. Network with targeted audiences where you can give - and receive - value.
6. Be consistent. Don't start something you will not finish.
7. Have a plan - understand your market and the needs of your clients and prospects and find ways to bring them the solutions they need.
8. Get everyone in the firm involved. This is not the responsibility for one or two people. You will be more effective if everyone is engaged.
9. Be responsive. Treat others the way you want to be treated. return calls and emails quickly and thoughtfully.
10. Be PROACTIVE. Think ahead and offer clients insights before they bring their problems to you. Be one step ahead!

Good luck in 2013. Let us know what other resolutions you might have!


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