Top Ideas for AAM 2012 Conference

Sally Glick
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Last year I used this blog to share the Top 10 best ideas that I brought back from the annual Association for Accounting Marketing Conference. I would like to do the same this year, so over the next few weeks I will be talking about  a range of insights that are most applicable to small and mid-size CPA firms like yours.

I will begin with the keynote speaker who talked to us all about the importance of 'fascinating' our clients.  She pointed out that we are competing in a distracted and crowded market space and that the best way to get the attention of clients and prospects is to be different, to stand out, to get noticed by offering an unusual experience.  Firms that find a way to distinguish themselves, and are able to attract quality prospects and build meaningful relationships, usually get the engagement ahead of those firms that don't exhibit the same energy and passion.

Her words of advice? Do something bold to give business owners a reason to connect with your firm. Did you know that  90% of introductions fail in the first few seconds while you talk abut yourself? Instead, try offering to help solve a problem - this may get and keep someone's attention in a powerful way whereas a traditional introduction can seem like a waste of time.  Use those first nine seconds wisely, start building trust immediately.

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