SWSWSW - What the Heck Does This Mean?

Sally Glick
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Some of you might be intrigued by the title of this post. Well, here is how this came about!

I was at a roundtable recently where the discussion focused on how to help partners at CPA firms become more involved in marketing and business development activities. The speaker, Jamie Field, addressed the challenge of encouraging partners to take ownership of marketing initiatives by saying "SWSWSW."

What did she mean? Well, as some of the marketers and partners in the room expressed a little frustration that their fellow partners don't want to invest time in marketing, Jamie said, "Some will, some won't, so what - SWSWSW."

This was great advice for all of us. It is important for the firm's leaders to recognize that not all partners will be enamored with the concept of marketing. Some may go so far as to refuse to assume responsibility for business development - but then again, some will eagerly embrace the concept.

Our job as influencers in the firm is to work with those who are most eager while encouraging those who are not as interested to accept a smaller, less intrusive role. But when the going gets a little rough, we need to say to ourselves, "So what!" Instead of fighting the battle, stay positive - keep an open mind - and you will find more people jumping on the bandwagon over time! Good luck!


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By Barefoot Accountant
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

Thank you, Sally. Appreciate your posts. I am at a loss why non-Big 4 firms don't hire CPAs who possess the research, writing, publishing, and internet skills to devote virtually all of their time marketing their firms. I have tried to sell myself in this function to a number of firms; and they seem content with the partners "wooing" potential clients, serving on committees, doing lunch and events, etc.

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