Social Media Is Gaining Influence in Building Awareness

Sally Glick
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Every firm, of any size, has access to amazing technology tools today. With 68% of CFOs making important decisions based on social media messages (according to a recent survey released by FEI), you need to be prepared to leverage these new communication channels to draw attention to your firm and trigger responses. And by the way - that 68% benchmark is growing rapidly every year.

We all know that selecting a CPA firm is not done impulsively or frivolously but the more you can use social media to exert an influence, create a presence and demonstrate value, the more likely it is that prospective CEOs and CFOs will want to learn about your firm and your capabilities.

One of the first things you need to do in the sales process is build awareness, which is an excellent place to leverage social media because it provides a whole new platform for keeping your name prominent. Whether using Facebook, Twitter or a blog to complement your other initiatives, creating awareness is step one in your marketing campaign.

Just remember as you start down this path - Social Media messages should not be commercials; should share relevant information; should be timely and should be consistent and frequent!

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