Put Client Care in Your Marketing Tool Box

Sally Glick
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At a recent conference I heard a business owner say he approaches every customer as if they are wearing a sign that says, "Treat me as if I am important."

I cannot imagine any advice that is more pertinent for us as professionals. While traditional marketing tools should not be overlooked. Whether it is a web site,a blog, an ad campaign, a new video, a newsletter, a trade show handout or an email blast, these critical initiatives help you brand and build your firm. But, despite the role these tools play in your strategy for growth, it is HOW you treat your clients that is ultimately the most significant part of your marketing plan.

A focus on unparalleled client service, a sincere commitment to treating every client as if he or she is your only client, is what will help you gain and maintain a robust client base.

This sounds so simple - and yet, it is so hard to execute consistently. All too often we neglect clients, returning calls hours or days later, forgetting to be proactive, and worst of all, taking their loyalty for granted. As you increase your client contact during tax season, use the time wisely to treat every person with the respect and appreciation they deserve. Remember, it is the most effective marketing tool in your tool box!


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