On Being Your Own Marketing Coach

Sally Glick
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I recently heard Barbara White, coaching consultant, quote the Talmud saying, "We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are." What a profound comment! The speaker went on to discuss how we can all be our own coach, asking ourselves tough questions and working to transform ourselves to achieve greater success personally and professionally.

As Barbara was speaking, I thought how applicable her words would be for a public accounting firm, especially in regards to its marketing initiatives. For example, she cautioned against using words like "should," "can't," "never," "I think" and others that create negative emotions and limit our ability to try something new.

Firms that bring their whole self to the game, that embrace marketing and other innovative initiatives, are more likely to become recognized as leaders in their business community. Partners and marketers who can challenge themselves and their perceptions, pose new assumptions, abandon old premises, learn from experiences, and have the courage to overcome their own obstacles and shortcomings will move forward. Others will not.

White suggested we keep asking ourselves, "Where am I going - and what will success look like when I get there?" I honestly cannot think of a better and more meaningful question for partners and marketers to discuss: what are the firm's goals; who will start the process of implementation and overcome the inertia that exists; how will you know when you have achieved your objectives?

These are critical issues. When you ask yourself the right questions, and wait patiently to think of the right answer, you will be well on your way to reaching your goals.

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