Now's the Time for Visiting with Clients!

Jul 26th 2013
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It is common for partners in CPA firms to expect 'new business' as a key performance indicator resulting from their marketing efforts. But I suggest that you never lose sight of the fact that talking to existing clients, not launching campaigns to identify new prospects, may be an option that you are overlooking. Existing clients can be a source of new revenue! While you can cross-sell new services to them they are also the best source for referrals. of course you know that loyal advocates speaking on your behalf can be much more compelling than your own words!

Summer is a wonderful time to strengthen those client connections. Invite a client to lunch, to golf, to a baseball game, to dinner - or just drop in depending on the formality or informality of your geographic area. Select an option that is most effective for you. "Dropping in" may not work if you have to drive 35 miles to see a client - but it is a great tool in a smaller, more compressed area.

I would not abandon your other marketing and business development campaigns, I just want to remind you that targeting existing clients should be in the mis as well. Whatever you choose to do, remember that clients want to be well treated; they often want you to pursue them with the same energy you used when they were prospects - so take the time to make a call, send a note, grab breakfast - the pay off will be worth it!


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