Nominating Clients for Awards

Sally Glick
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It is that time of year again when many of the local business publications, nonprofit organizations, chambers of commerce, and business or civic associations look for people in the community to recognize for their unique contributions and generosity.

We have found that nominating clients for some of these awards - whenever appropriate - has multiple benefits. The first and most obvious result is that our clients are appreciative of our efforts on their behalf. They are touched that we thought of them and more importantly, that we are willing to take an active interest in their achievements. The second benefit is that, if they are selected as a finalist or a winner, it is an honor for them and they understand that we have invested our time and effort in helping them gain additional exposure in the community. Thirdly, it provides us with the opportunity to get to know them a little better through the process. In other words, as we interview them to gain the additional information and insights needed for the nomination form, we have the chance to talk (for about 20 minutes or more) about their journey, their achievements and their successes. This interaction can provide us with a fresh perspective that is significantly different from our typical conversations.

We have found that our client relationships rise to a new level when we take the time to nominate them for an award or honor - and especially if they do win, we enjoy celebrating their success with them at the ceremony.

We often nominate multiple clients across various industries for a wide range of honors that are popular in our area, such as CFO of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Top 50 Women in Business, General Counsel of the Year, Healthcare Professional of the Year, Family Business of the Year, and more. If these types of programs are offered in your community - you might consider how you can include clients in the process!


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