More Thoughts and Ideas from AAM 2012

Sally Glick
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I promised to share some of the ideas I picked up at the AAM conference this year. Here are suggestions from the website session I sat in on:

First, know your audience. Decide what key phrases are most essential for them. Acknowledge their challenges. Be concise when targeting your message to focus on issues that really matter.

Next, accept the fact that people visiting your site want instant results. If they don't find what they need quickly, they leave and typically do not return. People also read in an "F" pattern - from left to right and scanning quickly to the bottom of your text, so the use of bold headings, underlined sub-texts, and bullet points helps to grab their attention.

Lastly, recognize that anywhere from 250-500 words per page is reasonable but if there are more words you run the risk of losing your readers. The language you use should avoid industry "lingo" and you should pay careful attention to typos and punctuation because everything you do sends a message, whether positive or negative, about your firm!

More ideas to follow!


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