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Sally Glick
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As promised last week, I am going to continue sharing a range of ideas and suggestions that came up during the annual conference for the Association of Accounting Marketers held this month in conjunction with AICPA's Practitioners Symposium and the Tech Conference this year.

One of the ideas I heard presented by Leisa Gill from Latimore Black Morgan and Cain (LBMC) was in regards to client on-boarding. The concept here is for your firm to personally welcome each new corporate client, but not necessarily by the relationship partner on the engagement.

In other words, your firm administrator or the director of marketing for instance, should be systematically reaching out to all new clients with a phone call and individual greeting. You can use this opportunity to make the client feel valued - and at the same time introduce the firm's upcoming events (such as seminars and roundtables) or make them aware of important resources available through the firm's website. Your firm can also use this call to confirm critical details for your database. For example, you can gather all the email addresses of everyone appropriate in the company so that you can send specific, targeted mailings. Perhaps you need contact information for the company's CFO, Controller, HR Director, Benefit Plan Administrator, Sales Manager, or other senior managers who you may want to connect with in addition to the CEO or owner when you have relevant information for them.

The call will only take a few minutes but the impression will most likely last for years! Give it a try.

Come back for more new AAM conference ideas!

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