Mix It Up!

Sally Glick
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Whenever you consider implementing a "new" marketing tactic - whether it is to explore social media or launch a direct mail campaign, or anything in between, always consider how well the initiative will integrate with your existing marketing strategy.

While you need to remain consistent and true to your message and brand, you also need to employ a mix of tactics that are designed to add relevance for your target market while also getting their attention through different channels.

The advantage of deploying several tools is that you can penetrate your audience from so many different angles. A balanced mix of in-print ads, on line ads, newsletters and e-alerts, along with events and some social media is most likely to give you the results you desire.

If you are new to marketing your firm, and are establishing your brand in a more structured way, don't think you have to do everything at once. Take baby steps - but always concentrate on trying a mix that is likely to be attractive to your clients and prospects. Set goals for everything you try - and be realistic - stretching to new heights but in a practical manner!

The lesson is to try diverse tactics that all work together to form a complete picture of the firm, including its distinctive style, its unique advantages and the special strengths it has that will add value for every client.

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