Market as if You Mean To!

Oct 24th 2013
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At a recent training program conducted by The Rainmaker Academy, a key point was repeated several different times for added emphasis. Their point was "to be intentional." It was good to hear this confirmation - because I have been preaching for years that one of the differences between firms that market themselves well and those that don't is that the leading firms are intentional about their approach. They are purposeful, planned, structured and consistent in their marketing initiatives.

This is a great concept for all of us to embrace - the idea that a firm should not launch a branding or communications strategy by happenstance but rather by following a blue print, a well-thought out recipe, for success.

No matter what your plan may be, if it is aligned with your culture, your resources, your philosophy, your talent and your available time, it will work for you - if you are intentional in your execution!

Let me know how y ou are doing!


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