It's Not Just the Technology - It's How You Use It!

Sally Glick
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Today accounting firms of all sizes have many marketing tools that can help them tell their story, distinguish their firm and build their brand. But too often these dynamic and intercative tools are used to distribute messages that are nothing more than thinly disguised, self-serving promotions. If your firm is using your web site, blogs, social media enhancements or other consistent outreach into the business community, you better be sure that you are sharing information that is relevant and meaningful for your audience.

Business owners, CEOs and other "C Suite" executives are always information-hungry, seeking out resources that can help them be more efficient and more profitable. As such, they will read your blog, study your survey results or visit your web site - but the content needs to be fresh, cutting edge and important to them if you want to make a lasting impression and encourage repeat visits.

Recent articles in marketing publications reinforce the lesson that "Content is King." Marketing professionals and partners in the CPA world need to acknowledge this message and work to ensure that their marketing communications add real value for the clients, prospects and centers of influence who they interact with regularly.

If you have nothing essential to say - you might want to consider why you are saying anything at all!


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