It Takes Time

Oct 16th 2013
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Hi everyone - When I finished the book "Getting Naked" by Patrick Lencioni (no it is NOT want you think), I was reflecting on how hard it is for us to incorporate new ideas, new approaches, new processes into the tried and true business development efforts that we have become familiar with in our firms over the years. I have blogged before regarding this book and the author's main premise that extraordinary client service, which builds loyalty and trust, is the basis of any firm's consistent growth. That said, the accountants who are expected to execute some business development and marketing initiatives need to consider that practice development skills are not acquired over night.

Indeed, there is a learning curve to these type of activities and only practice makes perfect. As a professional with clients to attend to, you will most likely be engaged in marketing for three to four hours a week. As such it is going to be a challenge to hone your skills as you work to become an expert at new business development.

Hold yourself accountable as you develop and practice your own personal marketing plan - and be sure to celebrate your successes along the way. Practice makes perfect, but while you are on the road to improvement, remember that every little milestone gets you closer to your goal.


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