Follow Up Matters

Sally Glick
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When you are leaving a meeting with a prospect, one of the things you can do to confirm their positive first impression is to send a quick "high impact" email within a few hours of the visit.

A friend of mine at a local bank suggested this to me years ago and I think it remains a powerful tool in any marketing communication and business development plan. Just a simple thank you and an acknowledgement of when the next communication will be forthcoming helps to manage the owner's expectations and gives you time to prepare. Often a few days will pass between that initial meeting and a written proposal from you. During that time, they may forget what distinguished your firm from the others they interviewed. But a brief email immediately after the meeting and one subsequent to your next contact can help you stay connected without being overbearing or offensive.

Any other ideas? What do you do to maintain that top of ind awareness with a prospect without appearing "over anxious"?

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