Final Thoughts From AAM Conference

Sally Glick
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Hi everyone - I have a few more HOT ideas from the recent AAM conference before we move on to other new marketing ideas.

As the conference drew to a close, it was obvious that some key issues were continuously recurring throughout the three day event. One was the concern about keeping up with changes and the increasing complexity of new pronouncements and new accounting and attest standards as well as new tax laws; another was the challenge of client retention; partner accountability and finding qualified staff also ranked high on the list, as did getting new clients.

This final point is the challenge that got my attention - especially because it seems to appear on the list every year! Along with delivering highest quality service to retain clients and building a practice with a nurturing culture to retain great staff, partners also need to invest their time in attracting the quality clients that will ensure their future success. It is hard to juggle all three of these obstacles at once, but the reality is that they share equal billing and all must be acknowledged and addressed.

Marketing to build the firm's brand can serve many purposes, including building loyal clients who remain for a long time, send referrals and use a wider range of services. Marketing can also help you build pride with your staff - as your brand increases so do your employees' attitude!

So, in conclusion, most of the great practice development ideas that percolated at AAM this year focused on four key drivers: have the right leadership team; concentrate on your core business; perform great client service; develop a presence in your community.

Thoughts anyone?

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