Face to Face - it still works!

Sally Glick
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Hi everyone - I hope all of you are enjoying the slightly less stressful days of summer with its more relaxed atmosphere (along with reduced summer hours and business casual dress code for some). I also hope that you are using this season to solidify some of your key relationships as well as taking time to begin building new ones. What better time than summer - what better place than on the golf course, over lunch on an outside patio, or at a baseball game?

While every marketing conference I attend, every blog I follow, every book I read, is now focusing significantly on social media, nonetheless, the importance of maintaining personal relationships can never be emphasized enough. Technology provides us with exciting, dynamic platforms for easily and seamlessly communicating locally, regionally, nationally and globally. But the power of face-to-face interaction is what often drives major decisions.

Keep expanding your marketing mix - include all types of outreach tactics including all forms of social media that are relevant for your firm, but remember that a phone call, a brief breakfast or a management meeting must also be included in your strategy for client service. Now is a perfect time - so I suggest you get out there and visit some of your "A" clients before Labor Day arrives. What do you have to lose?


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