E-mail Is Still Valuable!

Sally Glick
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Despite the extraordinary focus on social media, e-mail is still a very useful tool in the business community. Whether you are reaching out in a personal message to an individual client or colleague, or are using an e-blast campaign to the masses, your e-mail gets attention. You can improve the odds, though, by following some key guidelines.

First of all, the subject line cannot be an afterthought. Instead, consider it the most important component of the message. If you do not capture the attention of your reader with a powerful subject line, it is all too easy to hit "delete." Make sure it doesn't seem like spam or a sales pitch, but rather should reflect the importance of the e-mail itself. It should also be kept to under 50 words - the briefer the better as people's attention spans are so short!

Secondly, the e-mail itself should be relevant. The beauty of e-mail is that it can be targeted to a specific audience. Take advantage of this and send messages to select groups who will find your information valuable. People tend to hit "delete" when they quickly assess an e-mail and determine it is not appropriate for their situation. If you fill their inbox with garbage you will eventually be dismissed.

Keep in mind that as useful as e-mail can be - for adding value through blasts, newsletters, and alerts - it can also send an awful message if it is poorly worded, blatantly self-serving or even contains information that is outdated, or worse, not relevant.

Final word of advice: don't forget e-mail as an option when you are creating your firm's digital marketing plan!

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