Do Your Clients Love You?

Jul 12th 2013
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At the AAM conference in June Diane Magers presented "Engaging and Inspiring Clients to Drive Business Results" - a session that focused on how firms can leverage client loyalty to help drive new business.

We know that firms rely on word of mouth recommendations and referrals from respected business owners to help them grow. But how can you be more effective; how can you encourage your clients to speak on your behalf?

The first step is to realize that decisions are often 30% rational and 70% emotional. Capitalizing on that 70% means you have to make a powerful emotional connection if you want clients and centers of influence to help you.

Question: How do you enhance that emotional connection?

Answer: You pro-actively manage the clients' experience with your firm! To turn a client into a passionate advocate for your firm, you must: 1- know what they care about, 2- provide the services and resources they need, 3- treat them with respect, 4- give them attention, and 5- help them achieve their goals. In other words, you must deliver real value - and they will be much more likely to suggest your firm to other business owners and community leaders if you do.

According to Magers, clients want meaningful, memorable experiences - they have high expectations and are much less tolerant of poor service than previous generations. They expect personal service, a deeper relationship and to be treated in an exceptional manner.

Those firms that can differentiate themselves by consistently offering clients an exceptional experience will be more competitive and more successful than those firms who overlook this opportunity!


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