Do You Use a Marketing GPS?

Sally Glick
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Most people use a GPS these days to help them with driving directions to get to their destination. The GPS is critical for keeping them on the right path.

But not that many CPA firms, especially small to mid-size organizations, apply the same principal to their marketing strategy. We all tend to enthusiastically jump into a new business development campaign, or decide to write a blog, or take out an ad for a local business program - but we do not use our marketing GPS. Most firms do not stop and think about their position, their ultimate goal, and the best way to achieve the desired results.

I would suggest taking a step back now, before Labor Day, and use this relatively "quiet" week to do some soul searching. Establish goals - what kind of clients are you interested in (this can be determined by geography, by size, by industry, by services needed, etc.) and decide how many new clients you can serve this year. In other words, set some goals for growth. Once you know who is the prime target, it will be easier for you to identifying other professionals who have an influence in the market segment you are interested in. Outline a plan for developing better relationships with the other professionals who are also immersed in the same space and find ways to work together. Lastly, with a good idea of what services and which prospects make the most sense for your firm, map out a plan for creating a consistent and valued presence.

Armed with a strategic plan, you will be more likely to succeed. It is just like having your GPS set to take you exactly where you need to go. You can be more efficient and effective when you zero in on specific goals and targets. Instead of wandering all over the road with no clear understanding of how to get to your final destination, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that you will arrive at the location that is best for you! Set your GPS to take you to "Marketing Strategy" and see what happens!

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