Do You Treat Your Clients Like Royalty?

Feb 14th 2013
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This morning I am going to overstate the obvious - just because it is a critical concept for every accounting firm.

As I was listening to the news while getting ready to head out to a meeting this morning, there was an interesting interview with a professional "Match-Maker." Since today is Valentine's Day, it was a great time for the news broadcaster to showcase single people and the options open for those who are looking for a partner. During the interview, the matchmaker said that one of her top tips (keep in mind that she charges $3,000 for a one hour consultation)is "Treat people like royalty. When you meet someone new, act like they are important."

Well that might be good advice for the dating scene, but it struck me like a thunderbolt that it is essential advice for professional service providers as well. What better suggestion can I offer to you than to treat your clients, your prospects, your centers of influence and of course your employees, like they are royalty?

People want to know they are valued; they want to be treated with respect and courtesy; they want to feel as if they matter - a lot.
And guess what - they DO matter. A whole lot.

When I worked with my father at his accounting firm in Chicago and a client would call us and say, "I hate to bother you with this question. I am sorry to interrupt your day," we always responded, "You are not a bother, and you are not interrupting our day - in fact, you ARE our day!" It was a sincere reply. Without our clients and without their questions, we would cease to exist.

So today, Valentine's Day, spend a little time thinking about how you treat people - and remember to treat them like royalty! Who knows, they might even send you a new referral.


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