An Unwanted Marketing Message from Disenfranchised Staff

Aug 14th 2013
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Hi everyone: I hope you are enjoying a nice week.

Yesterday I attended a training session on leadership during which one of the statements made by the facilitator struck me as really critical. What Saroya Gutman said was, "According to Fortune magazine, 70% of people in the work force today are disengaged."

That's a huge percentage - and it says something about our ability to inspire our employees.

This statistic was not specific to the accounting profession but I would guess that the numbers are pretty much the same across all sectors, including professional services.

As a profession that depends in part on referrals for some of our growth - it is especially critical for us to have staff that is participatory, engaged, and empowered. Because it is our staff that is often on the front lines with clients and with influencers - they are in a powerful position to impact relationships on behalf of the firm. It makes sense that how they feel about their career is reflected in how they treat the firm's clients.

If your staff is 'disengaged' - that is, uninterested or simply not involved and enthusiastic, you need to consider the subtle message they are sending about the firm. This message is heard loud and clear by other staff, possible recruits, centers of influence, current clients and even future clients.

How can you attract their attention, getting and keeping them engaged? That's the million dollar question - and each of you will have a unique solution that is appropriate for your firm's culture. Don't wait too long to recognize you could be vulnerable.


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