AAM Conference Ideas: Engaging Your Employees

Sally Glick
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CPA firm leaders know that in order to build a thriving firm, they need to keep their employees engaged, motivated and energized.

In his session, "Thriving to Succeed," Denny Faurote talked about these characteristics, pointing out that they compose the two critical components that are consistently found in thriving firms. The first trait of successful firms is that they have employees who are passionate and excited, because their firm reminds them on a daily basis that they make a significant difference. The second component is found in firms that have employees who are continuously learning and finding new ways to grow.

When employees are dedicated, skilled and demonstrate high energy, their attitude is contagious. Under these circumstances, excellent client service and a commitment to attract new clients takes root and flourishes.

For Faurote, these are the basic building blocks that support a CPA firm's marketing initiatives - an engaged work force that believes in the firm, its current clients and its future.

More ideas to follow!


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