When You Become Manager…. When You Become Partner….

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It’s not easy moving from a great achiever to a great leader.

Here’s something I read about participating in an Executive MBA program. I think it is good advice to keep in mind as you move up the career lattice within a CPA firm. When you reach the executive level, things change. You must change.

Leadership means doing things differently and being viewed differently. When you are the leader (boss) your suggestions become orders. When you go higher and higher up in a firm, you have to watch what you say. You have to learn to let go. It’s very difficult to make that transition from a great achiever to a great leader. It’s no longer about you and your own ego. It’s about other people and helping them get better.

As a managing partner, are you letting go of the routine, comfortable work you have always done and spend more time coaching and mentoring your partners, helping them become more successful?

As a manager in an accounting firm, are you really managing (getting things done through other people) or are you still a hands-on worker bee?

As a professional CPA firm administrator, when the firm grows and your responsibilities grow, are you able to let go of being an all-star “doer” to become an first-class manager of people and processes?

Many leaders in CPA firms need to “learn to let go” and trust other people. If you don’t have people you can trust, you haven’t done your job very well so far.

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."
Warren Bennis


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