How You Become A Great CPA Rainmaker

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Yesterday I was reading an article via Fast Company titled, Want To Conquer A New Skill? Do It Every Day.

Did you ever think about how you became a great accountant (CPA)? You practiced, every day. You did taxes over and over again. You did auditing and accounting over and over again. You did accounting work every day. Fact is, even if you have been an accountant for decades, you are doing accounting work every day. Thus, quantity improves quality.

Often in public accounting firms, you shield your staff and even some of your partners from taking part in rehearsals for marketing, networking and selling. Managers often say they weren’t told that they had to bring in business to become a partner until they reached manager level.

Practicing to become a rainmaker should begin as soon as a new entry-level person enters your CPA firm. Just as accountants do a huge quantity of accounting and tax work to become a skilled CPA, they should be doing marketing things to become a great marketer.

Don’t shield your people from marketing activities – push them on stage to rehearse. Partners should take staff along to every possible networking event, make writing articles part of their on-going professional development, train them in responding to client questions and being more proactive in keeping in contact with clients.

If you are an accountant and feel like you might struggle in talking to strangers at a business reception – attend more business receptions and talk to more people.

I like a phrase used in the article: Try fast, fail fast, learn fast.

Or, as your mother used to tell you: Practice makes perfect!

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching."
Mahatma Gandhi

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