Four Steps To Obtain Client Referrals

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One of the best ways for CPAs to obtain prospective clients is to have current clients recommend them.

Often, clients don’t think to do it and at times it seems rather awkward to bluntly ask them to refer you to others.

Here are four steps to take towards getting new leads.

  1. Identify your biggest segment (niche) of clients. It might be auto dealers, medical practices, dentists, excavating companies…. whatever.
  2. Solicit ideas from your partners and employees who serve this niche about the biggest issues and/or challenges the business owner faces in successfully growing or managing their business.
  3. Develop a brief, maybe 45-minute, webinar presentation that helps them solve their “big” issue.
  4. Invite them to the webinar and be sure to encourage them to forward the invitation to other business owners who may also be facing this issue.

When non-clients register, you have leads. If nothing else, you have a broader exposure to business owners in that niche.

Always keep in mind my favorite Tom Peters‘ phrase:


Whoever Tries The Most Stuff Wins.

"We have a strategic plan. It's called "doing things."
Herb Kelleher



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