CPA Firms Evolving With The Times

Oct 4th 2013
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Accounting firms are usually (underneath it all) very traditional. I would describe them as being conservative, thoughtful, careful, cautious, honest, trustworthy and caring (about their clients and their work).

All of those glowing words, while true, cause CPA firms to be very slow when it comes to the decision-making process. When I say “CPA firms” what I am really talking about are the individuals that make up the ownership group of a firm – the partners.

As I mentioned in a blog post back in August, it’s time for accounting firms to speed-up.

Fall is a time for reflection. Think about your firm (partner group). Does the firm seem to be simply treading water? Does the firm have people who seem to be retired-in-place?

This fall, rally your leadership group and develop an action plan:

  • That moves you from a glass-half empty outlook to a glass-half full attitude
  • That creates a more optimistic and positive culture.
  • That involves more risk-taking.
  • That involves spending money on things to enhance employee engagement.

Status quo is not an option. You can keep your heritage, your tradition but your messaging must change with the times.

"We've never been finance first. We've always been instincts first."
Angela Ahrendts, CEO Burberry


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