CPA Firm Partner Goals Or Partner Wishes?

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It’s April 16th. You are well into your performance year – for your team members and for your owners.

You probably have already scheduled counseling sessions for your team members to give them feedback on performance thus far for 2013.

What about your partner group? So many firms don’t even establish and document goals for their partners. More and more firms understand the importance and actually go through some sort of partner goal setting procedure. The trouble is, once set, there is little follow-up and few consequences if partners do not meet the goals.

I call this type of goal-setting – The Partner Wish List.

  • I wish I could bring in more business, that should be a goal.
  • I wish I Mary Manager and Mike Manager really understood the client service dynamics. I should work with them this year.
  • I wish I had more personal productivity (profit, charge hours, write-ups, etc.), I should work on that in the fall.
  • I wish we have done more with that new service line. I should spend more time on that.

Partner goal-setting is the managing partners job, responsibility, duty….. how is your MP performing? If you are the MP, set those goal check-up meetings with your partners for May, August and November. Pay for performance should apply to everyone inside the firm – poor performance means poor pay – or something worse.

Need help? Download a copy of my Sample Goals For Partners. Check out this article by Gary Adamson of Adamson Advisory -  Five Tips To Make Your Partner Goal Setting More Effective.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."
Jim Rohn



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