Close Your Door or Not, That Is the Question

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"Bob always has his door closed."  "Most of the partners have their doors closed too much." "I wish I had a door I could close instead of being in this cubicle." All of these are frequently heard inside an accounting firm.

I find that most people working inside CPA firms (non-partners) think that every time they see several closed-door sessions going on inside partners’ offices it means something bad is going to happen. Almost always, that is not true.

Sure, private conversations have to sometimes happen between partners and between partners and staff inside a firm. However, most often a closed door means the person simply does not want to be interrupted.

Check out this short story in SUCCESS magazine, titled “Shut the Front Door! (And Don’t Let Distraction In)

Research keeps telling us about the danger of distractions. Researchers for Michigan State University and the Navy have determined that people make double, sometimes triple, the errors immediately after they are interrupted, even when the diversions last only a few seconds. A three-second distraction doubled errors in the study; 4.5-second interruptions tripped the errors.

As you know, there are endless avenues for distractions these days – e-mail, texts, tweets, Facebook, etc. Turn off the phone, log out of social media, shut down e-mail when you are focused on completing a task and you want to avoid mistakes.


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