CCH Connections - Phoenix - 2013 - You Should ALL Be On Twitter!

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As I always point out when talking with accounting firm citizens…. I’ve been around a while. That being the case, I have had the wonderful, exciting opportunity to speak at almost every CPA focused conference out there – some that don’t even exist anymore. However, I had never been invited to speak at the famous, widely regarded and highly attended CCH Users Conference. They called earlier this year and asked, “You speak on Generations, don’t you?” – - Yes…. and so here I am (and having a wonderful time).

croce_pat_bio1Yesterday’s kick-off keynote speaker was Pat Croce. Croce is an entrepreneur, sports team executive and owner, author, and TV personality. He did a great job and energized the crowed to be…. guess what… POSITIVE – stop with the negative thoughts!

Keep in mind what I always stress when you are working inside a CPA firm – Don’t walk away from negative people….. RUN!!

Here’s a brief excerpt by Croce.

My session on how to understand and build on the strengths of generations was a lot of fun for me (and hopefully for the attendees). A special thanks to @ATomorrow (Danielle Lee) for all of the tweets she did to cover my session. Also, many thanks to Dustin Hostetler, @flowtivity and @BillSheridan and @TomHood for tweeting and retweeting about my comments.

One thing that Pat Croce stressed to the entire room (nearly a thousand people working in the accounting profession) – - – “You should ALL be on Twitter!”  It made me smile because I know YOU ARE NOT.

An attendee told me that she thought Twitter was just celebrities and other people telling the world what they are doing at a particular moment – - chit-chat and gossip. Yes, there is a lot of that out there but that is not what I follow or what most people working in accounting follow.

I get valuable news and information via Twitter – I follow national news sites, accounting profession new sites, prominent CPAs, and consultants to the CPA profession (plus my family and  a few friends). I don’t care to “follow” a hundred thousand tweeters – I want it manageable and helpful. Check me out @cpamanagement. Sign-up, pick just 5 or 6 people (or news sites) to follow and just read – you don’t have to tweet anything…. until you get comfortable and then test the waters. CPAs have so much they could offer their clients via Twitter.

"Persistence has no time limit."
Pat Croce


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