Are Your Team Members Engaged?

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There is a lot being written about the value of having engaged employees. No, I’m not talking about the ones about to get married. What does employee engagement mean exactly?

Here’s some descriptive information to help explain.

ENGAGED – employees who work with passion and feel a profound connection to their firm. They are very proud of the firm and proud to say they work for the cool firm in town.

NOT-ENGAGED – employees are essentially “checked-out.” They are putting in time, but not energy or passion. Many are treading water and staying under the radar when it comes to top performance.

ACTIVELY DISENGAGED – employees aren’t just unhappy, they’re busy acting out their unhappiness and impacting others. I call them the Eeyores inside the firm – always whining, “Oh me, oh my.”

Per research by the Gallup organization (they track engagement on a quarterly basis):

29% of employees are Engaged

52% are Not-Engaged

19% are Actively Disengaged

Inside your CPA firm, have you addressed that 19% during your most recent round of performance evaluations?

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