A Rose By Any Other Name

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Sometimes accountants have names for things that “normal people” don’t understand. Normal people, in this case, refers to clients.

Inside firms, a certain lingo is used. I remember one time when I was inside a firm, we played tax form bingo – simply using the tax form numbers. What was amazing is that every knew them so well – 1120, 1040, 1065, 990, 1096 and so on.

To clients this would be extremely puzzling (and probably weird).

The reason for this rambling (and there is more to follow – just wait until I get to the Shakespeare part), is that CPAs call their client sign-in link or client access link a PORTAL. To clients that might seem like something mysterious or science fiction-like (Beam me up, Scottie!).*See note below.

I notice that many firms are still using the term client portal on their site. The experts are telling us to use Client Log-in or something similar that is descriptive.  Here’s an example onFluence’s website – click on the Clients tab and see how it is displayed. You can also see Client Login used on Lynn & Associates site.

So your client portal might need to be known by …… any other name. “A Rose By Any Other Name…” comes via Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – a few lines follow:

Tis but they name that is my enemy;

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet

*By the way, the actor who played Scottie on Star Trek had his ashes released in space in May.

"It is curious how often you humans obtain what you do not want." - - Mr. Spock

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