New irritants, thanks to technology

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By Rob Nance, Publisher - Today's technology has forced a new pet peeve to skyrocket to the top of my list. With the popularity of caller identification these days, an awful lot of people unfortunately call you back immediately rather than listen to your voice mail. You know this has happened to you, right? You went to the trouble of leaving a detailed message for a client and two seconds after you've finished the voice mail the phone rings and it's that same person saying, "I see that you called." You're thinking, "No kidding! I just left you a message! Listen to it!"

What irritating practices relating to today's technology drive you nuts? Write me and tell me your troubles. No, I'm not the Dear Abby of the accounting world, but give it a shot anyway. There's a free AccountingWEB coffee mug in it for you if we publish your comments.


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