A Glimpse on the best accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses

Jul 4th 2015
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A Glimpse on the best accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses
Accounting is the backbone of every business. Every company, be it a small or large needs to keep track of where their money went and where it is going. Using spreadsheets might do the job of tracking a few transactions in basic accounting but on the long run the business requires a permanent solution. This means the business needs a proper mechanism that keeps tabs on invoicing, payroll and customer relations management.
There are many accounting solutions available for small business that can provide flexibility to the accounting operation of a company. Specialised accounting software is some of the option that a company can choose for. I will suggest some of the best accounting software available for the companies.
1. Sage 50 Accounting
Sage 50 accounting which was formerly called as “simply accounting” is the best tested accounting software for businesses. Sage accounting offers many features like- calculation and payment of QST or PST and GST or HST. The software also helps a lot in preparing government tax return T-4s, ROEs or RL-1 through physical filing or electronic files. The software is available in French or English and also lets the user to change the languages smoothly.
2. Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP is the best software solutions. It is not just a mere accounting program but rather a strong business management solution. The software provides features like supply chain management, service and project management, business reporting and intelligence, human resource and project management. The software is strongly integrated with other Microsoft software like office and lets the users to store data on site or in the cloud. User can also opt for advanced features in its premium version. The software provides you immediate entries which can be recorded with the end of each transaction. . It further helps in keeping accounting data up to date.
3. Connected Core Accounting Software
It is also one of the best and smooth software which is used for accounting purposes. The unique feature of this software is that it works across platforms, which means user using either Mac or pc can work on a data file at the same time. And the data file can also be hosted on any computer. The software can also be easily customized.
4. Account Edge Accounting Software
This is one of the best software for accounting solutions. It is often termed as the Swiss army knife of accounting solutions. It offers greater level of flexibility in accounting practices. The software offers multi billing rate to track chargeable and non chargeable time. The software also has around 300 financial reports which can be tailored according to needs and it even has a mobile app for ipads and iphones. The software also has its inventory command centre which grants users to control inventory using different pricing levels and also kit building.
5. Intuit QuickBooks
It is one of the best and widely used software for accounting solutions. The software fits well with the needs of small business. The software serves different versions like Quickbooks basic, pro, premier and pro, which matches every specific need of the user.
6. Sage Business Vision Accounting
This is best accounting software which lets the users to keep track of both inventory and sales. The software is available in five different versions which can be easily customized. The software also has an e business version which lets the users to fuse an online selling system into accounting software.


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