Working (Not Sleeping) From Home

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A lot of the buzz in the business world recently seems to be centered around whether or not employees should be allowed to work from home – or work remotely. First Yahoo! and now Best Buy announced that they were ending their work from home policies, and there has been quite an ongoing debate about what this means for not only the culture of these companies, but work culture in general.

Is it stifling flexibility and work/life balance? Are workers more innovative when they’re together in a collaborative environment? More or less productive from home than in a distracting office setting?

What’s perhaps been overshadowed a bit is the most basic question: Are your employees working out of the home getting any work done?

While big companies like Yahoo! and Best Buy can issue these broad policies and make news, if you’re running a small firm, it’s more likely that you’re deciding on a case by case basis if you can trust your employees to get things done outside of the office.

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages for employer and employee, but isn’t the main factor for your company whether your staff is actually putting their emphasis on the working part of working from home?



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