Stop Putting in so Many Hours and Get Some Work Done

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As the president and CEO of SurePayroll, no one appreciates hard work from employees more than I do. And we certainly have lots of dedicated employees who are willing to work extra hours or extra shifts if necessary.

However, long hours do not always equal productivity. The New York Times talked about this phenomenon recently. It’s been my experience that perfect is sometimes the enemy of great.

Good can be good enough, but great can kill you.

My point is that perfectionism is sometimes an excuse for extending deadlines, delaying initiatives and avoiding your daily tasks. It’s important to focus on what needs to get done, when it needs to get done and what are the essential components of a given task.

Emphasis on Essential

Don’t get carried away with the unrequired details of a project to the point where it’s slowing you down. If you’re working on a marketing campaign, for instance, pay attention to the message and the promotion, not the paper stock of the flyers.

A mentor once told me to think of work in A, B and C drawers. The A drawer is where you put the essentials – the things you have to get done and get done now. These are the elements that are core to your business, that could really cost you if they’re neglected.

We’ll talk about what goes in drawers B and C in my next post.



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