Relax! It’s Only Busy Season

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At SurePayroll we’re just finishing up our busiest part of the year, so I can empathize a little bit with what accountants are going through now. Lots of work, extra hours, bringing in new customers and making sure you’re keeping old ones. It’s an important time for your business and also a stressful one.

You want to make sure your staff doesn’t get so stressed or overwhelmed that it impacts productivity or the quality of their work. There are several things you do to make things a little easier and even a little fun during these busy times.

Here are a few ideas for keeping your staff upbeat during the busiest times:

  • Feed them. There are very few people in the history of the modern workplace who have turned down a free lunch. It’s a nice way to show your staff you appreciate their hard work and it also gives them a chance to come together for some much needed conversation and a few laughs.
  • Have a contest. This can be anything from a food drive to a design your own t-shirt day. It something to rally people around, build spirit for your firm and also get the competitive juices flowing.
  • Bring in a massage therapist. Research is starting to suggest people perform their jobs better when they are relaxed. Getting a massage is a luxury most people don’t have time for or can’t afford. Bring a professional in the office so you can ease the tension in those shoulders on a lunch break.

We’ll talk more about handling the rigors of busy season next week.



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