Put Your Work in the Right Drawers

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Last week I talked about how the time you don’t waste is as important as the time you spend. You can be productive without necessarily spending long hours at the office. You just have to know how to prioritize and move forward without getting hung up on the nonessential.

I talked about my mentor’s advice that you divide your work into A, B and C drawers, with the A drawer being where you put the most important tasks. The stuff you absolutely must get done for your business.

What about B and C?

The B drawer is for things that are noticeable in their absence. In other words, things that may not be your core product, but people expect them to be there. A sign above your door, for instance.

As for the C drawer, this is also known as the, “I put it in a folder somewhere” drawer. You plan to get to it sometime, you’re just not sure when. Now you may end up wishing you’d paid more attention to some of your C drawer items, but without a big staff and with limited time and resources, you have to make tough decisions.

It’s tempting to try to do everything. Or to think you can stay all night to get more done. But is it necessary? Will it make your business better? Ask yourself these questions before you dive in and risk missing the A drawer items on your list.

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