Off to the See the Wizard

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As we approach the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, I’m reminded of my favorite character, the Cowardly Lion. Here was someone who, in the face of fear and uncertainty, continued to commit brave acts to help his fellow travelers. He just didn’t understand that being afraid didn’t make him a coward, it was actually part of the very definition of courage.

Accountants often have to show courage in telling their small business clients about tough choices they have to make. If they need to make cuts, hard as it is to do, you don’t want them to wait until it’s too late. Or maybe they’re ready to expand but they’re being overly cautious.

Having to tell clients what they may not want to hear comes with some fear. However, it’s great to be in such a position of trust with your clients. It’s an opportunity for you to show them you have tremendous courage when it comes to what’s best for their businesses.

It’s easy to be the wizard – to dress everything up with magic tricks. But you’re doing the hard work. You’re the lion.   

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