How to Stay Optimistic

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With all the fighting and frustration coming out of Washington these days, it’s understandable that small businesses might be feeling a sort of ugly vibe right now. Our SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard® optimism score reflects that, having dropped to 59 percent after rising into the 70s earlier in the year.

But small business owners are by nature glass half full people. That’s why they get into business for themselves in the first place, obviously they’re hopeful for the future. So the question is, how do we maintain optimism in the face of all the nastiness surrounding our government and the economic direction of the country?

The answer is right in front of you. Focus on the business. Focus on why you started, what you have to offer and how you’re doing it better than the competition.

It’s often during difficult times that the best businesses shine, so continue to work on how you can improve and better serve your customers. Go after new business. Then back it up with customer service and a dedication to quality.

Disturbing things may continue to happen on a macroeconomic level, but there’s really no way for you to control that. Your best bet is to keep your focus firmly on what you do best.

Ignore the noise and make it happen.


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