Hire Smart the First Time

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I’ve been communicating a lot lately with small business owners about hiring, and how to hire right the first time around, particularly if it’s a first or second employee. So whether you’re a small accounting firm looking to hire, or advising one of your clients on an early hire in their business, I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve learned over the years in my next couple of blogs.

Hiring Tip No. 1: Skills are great, fit is a must.

Obviously, whoever you hire needs to have the skills to do the job. But don’t get caught up on skills and skills alone. Fit is perhaps even more important. It can determine how long the person will stay with the company, how happy they’ll be working there and how well the owner will work with them. 

Hiring Tip No. 2: Play It Safe

When making a hiring decision on the first few employees brought on to a company, don’t go for the long shot. If one candidate has great potential, and another great experience, experience should win out. When hiring only a few, it’s just too risky to take a chance on someone that might flop.

Hiring Tip No. 3: Don’t Skip the Background Check

Before putting someone on the payroll, every business owner should know that person is who they say they are. This means doing background checks and calling references. It’s surprising how many small business owners skip over this step, but it’s a “just in case” that could save them money and potentially embarrassment.

Next week, we’ll talk about what to do when a new hire just isn’t working out.



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