Go Home, Get Some Rest

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Last week we talked about some things you can do in the office to get through your busiest time of the year. You want to keep your employees happy, relaxed and as stress-free as possible, so they can do their best work. But what about when your long day is done? We all know stress can follow you home, so how do you leave it behind?

First of all, you should realize when you’ve reached a point of diminishing returns at the office. If you’re staying later than usual, but still find you’re not getting enough done, you may actually be hindering your productivity. We all have a point a point where the eyes go blurry and the mind is firing on all cylinders. When you notice that happening, it’s a good time to call it quits and get a fresh start in the morning. What good are those extra hours doing if you’re not accomplishing anything significant?

When you go home, try to keep up with a few important areas of your life:

  • Sleep. Studies have shown that you need eight hours to have peak focus during the day. So come home, wind down and get to bed at a decent time. You’ll feel better physically and mentally, and get more done during the day.
  • Socialize. Make sure to keep up with friends and family even during busy times. And don’t just talk about work. Hearing what’s happening in other people’s lives will take your mind off the hard work ahead.
  • Simplify. Now is probably not the time to clean out the garage, paint the house or redo the bathroom. Try not to take on major projects outside of work. Instead, come home and enjoy the free time you have.

The next couple months will no doubt get tense at times, but don’t let busy season take over your life. You will get the work done. You always do. 

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