Getting Back to the Grindstone: Reviews Done Right

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I talked earlier this month about understanding the value of your employees, as you see what it’s like with and without them (when they’re on vacation, for instance). As you evaluate them, you may also want to take this time to give them a performance review.

That can be scary for employees, but it’s a chance to tell them what they’ve been doing well as much as ways to improve. Employers can use this as a way to mentor and motivate employees.

Done badly, performance reviews can backfire. You don’t want your employees walking away confused about their role and what they’re supposed to be doing. And you certainly don’t want them to wind up resentful if you’re not communicating clearly.

Make sure you’re stating your employees’ achievements and failures. Have a grading system that makes sense and be ready to answer questions.

You may have to review your system to be sure it makes sense or create one from scratch. Perhaps you will discover more training is needed or that your employees have untapped talents they’ve been waiting to expand on.



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