Don’t Fear Change

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I’ve talked before about the value of having a culture of change and innovation for your business. I think it’s worth reiterating that in an economy that’s forced small businesses to become more productive and cost efficient, being open to change is doubly important.

As you take inventory of how you do business, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Am I taking advantage of technology? From video conferencing to e-signatures to Cloud computing, it’s become easier and easier to have meetings, store documents and data, and communicate with customers. If you’re still operating exclusively with filing cabinets and paper mail, you may want to think about upgrading.
  • Do I outsource when it makes sense? The rule of thumb is if it’s an essential function, but not a core part of your business, outsource. For a small fee, you can save your staff tons of time and aggravation with things like payroll, web design or data entry.

It sounds simple, but understanding when there’s a better way to get things done is crucial in this environment, where staffers are taking on more work than they have in the past and the pace of change is only accelerating.  



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