Balancing Work with the Holidays: A Teachable Moment

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One thing that’s usually a constant during the holiday season is that you’re not always going to have a full staff. People take well-deserved time off to be with their families and sometimes you have to make due with a skeleton crew.

This doesn’t have to mean you spend those weeks hanging by a thin thread and doing everything in a panic. It’s actually a great time to train other employees on skills or tasks they don’t normally do, so that you have a backup in place should someone leave permanently or be gone for an extended leave.

Not only does this give more opportunities and skills to your staff, it’s a good way for them to better understand their colleagues’ jobs. They will gain a respect and appreciation for the time and concentration it takes to accomplish their duties. 

If you’re the boss, this is also a good time to show your staff the things you do on a daily basis that may have to be taken care of while you go on your own holiday.


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By Drew West
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

Great post, Mike. At Deltek, we're working with our CPA clients to improve resource planning. One popular topic is to categorize resources not only by certification, but also by other attributes such as team preferences- and then leverage those other attributes in resource planning when selecting & assigning staff to jobs. We often see needs for resource planning solutions to identify patterns like those you state here- such as staff who not yet had an opportunity t work in a certain role.

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