A Smartphone State of Mind

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I’ve spent the last few weeks talking about how technology can impact your business, and for some that’s intimidating. We weren’t all born with a tablet in our hands. Talk to any teenager and you’ll see just how much has changed and how quickly it’s happening.

The good news, though, for those who aren’t comfortable with technology, is that while there are more and more options, they’re also becoming easier and easier to use.

These days, you can actually just talk to your phone and it will respond. You can literally press two phones together and share photos and information. There was a time when we had to manually keystroke in a bunch of commands to use our PCs. Now we’re doing much more on much smaller devices, with a few swipes of a finger.

Not to mention social media has made communicating with potential and current customers, and promoting your business, easier and cheaper than ever.

My point is even if you’re new to it, don’t get overwhelmed. Change your mindset going forward. Be willing to dive in and try things. It will help your business and increase your skills, as you face competition from newcomers.

Embracing the technological age will ultimately mean working faster and more efficiently for your clients, and showing your kids you’re still somewhat cool.

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